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NBA 2K21 Jumpshot Guide

One of the toughest things to do in NBA 2K21 is to find the best Jumpshot. U4GM.COM provides you with a guide that will focus on the NBA 2K21 Jumpshot mechanic with tips include how to perform a Jumpshot, how to change Jumpshot animation, how to unlock Jumpshot creator & custom Jumpshot, etc, to create the best Jumpshot in NBA 2K21. Also, it offers cheap NBA 2K21 MT, it delivers fast, 100% safe, and great service. Without further ado, check out the NBA 2K21 jumpshot guide.

NBA 2K21 Jumpshot

The shots where a player jumps in the air and shoots the ball while still in the air are called Jumpshots.

The key to winning games in NBA 2K21 is to pick the right Jumpshot for your character.

How to perform a Jumpshot in NBA 2K21?

You can perform a Jumpshot in NBA 2K21 by holding the square button or by holding the right analog stick down and then releasing it.

How to Change Jumpshot Animation in NBA 2K21?

To start, access the MyPLAYER Menu from the navigation screen. Select the menu and you will be taken to the MyPLAYER customization screen. On this screen, there are several options you can select to change for your MyPLAYER. We want the My Animations tab. Scroll to this tab and select it to get taken to the Animations menu.

My Animations screen is the hub for all things animations relating to your MyPLAYER. On this screen, you can change Shots, Dribble Moves, Dunks and Layups, and more. For now, though we are going to focus on our jump shot. To change your jump shot, select the jump shots options and choose whichever jump shot you want. Equip the jump shot and you are good to go.

How to Unlock Jumpshot Creator & Custom Jumpshot in NBA 2K21?

Once you've started your MyCareer, either play through the tutorial games or skip them. Either way, you'll be drafted into the NBA immediately and have your opportunity to start forging a new career as a professional.

From the moment your player's career starts, the Jump Shot Creator is available. It can be found under the MyPlayer Appearance tab in the MyCareer menu.

From here, you can purchase new shots from the 'Animation Store' using VC or build custom shots.

Notably, last year the jump shot release timing was changed so that using the Quick Draw badge was the only way to make your jump shot quicker, but that change has been reverted. You're now able to change the release timing again this year.

Here's a step-by-step breakdown of the process:

• Start a new MyCareer and complete the tutorial either by playing through the games or skipping them.

• You'll then be able to immediately access the Jump Shot Creator.

• You can then access this again at any time by heading to the MyPlayer Appearance menu.

Best Custom Jumpshot

I would highly recommend you to use this custom Jumpshot build to score any shots easily.

• Base – Dwayne Wade

• Upper Release 1 – Larry Bird

• Upper Release 2 – Dirk Nowitzki

• Release Speed – 100%

• Animation Blending – 51% Larry Bird, 49% Dirk Nowitzki

Jumpshot Landings

There are also 40 new Jumpshot landings added to the game that you can use to spice up opponents after successfully performing a Jumpshot.

These emote are unlocked after reaching 85 overall. You can equip them by going to the My Animation menu.

Look for In-Game Celebrations and scroll down below where you'll find Park Jump Shot Emotes.

Equip your unlocked emotes and show them off to other players at the park as you score a juicy 3-pointer.

That should be everything you need to know about the NBA 2K21 Jumpshot guide. For more useful information on the game, be sure to visit here.

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