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New Features of NBA 2K21 MyTeam

2K Games has begun a new era in NBA 2K21 MyTEAM, and it is going to be on a different level to anything we have seen before. There is the introduction of a variety of new features, whilst some old-school favorites are set for a big revamp. Here, let's go over all the latest features on the NBA 2K21 MyTeam.

MyTEAM Limited

MyTEAM Limited is a brand-new game mode in NBA 2K21 that challenges players by limiting roster options in new ways every weekend. This mode is only available on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Players chase new Championship Rings with each MyTEAM Limited weekend, a tiered prize that offers a "VERY high end" grand prize card if you collect every Championship Ring in a season.

Unlimited 2.0

MyTEAM Unlimited returns in a revised form. This year you can expect 9 leagues, which you have to get through before you reach the top.

Each league in My TEAM Unlimited 2.0 consists of up to 12 games. To advance to the next league, you must win an increasing number of games in the current league. For example, in the first league, you only have to win 3 of your 12 games to advance. If you succeed, you immediately move up to the next league.

Seasonal Agenda

One of the other new features - Seasons - is set to give players more incentive to spend time player MyTEAM, and it ties in perfectly to the new Unlimited format.

Each Season - which will last for around 12 weeks - each player's Unlimited record will be reset and there will be a new Grand Prize introduced.

This is sure to be music to the ears of those competitive MyTEAM players, who will have plenty of top tier content to grind for throughout the course of the MT year.

The Exchange

The Exchange is a brand-new feature in MyTeam that allows you to swap cards you no longer want for new cards. Trading has conditions attached to it, with requirements for how high a card must be rated to turn it in. It sounds like what you receive in return will be unknown to you when you press the button, but 2K Sports promises that some great (and exclusive) cards will be found in The Exchange.

Badge Customization and Customizable Evolutions

2K is bringing back badge cards and allowing you to add them to players so that you can upgrade the special skills from Bronze to Hall of Fame.

Also, it is taking the Evolution card concept to another level. Evolution cards now branch, giving players an opportunity to make new decisions that make their players unique.

IDOLS Replace PRIME Series Cards

Replacing the Prime series as the most sought-after card collection in MyTeam, the Idol Series Collection will feature some of the best and rarest cards in the game. 15 cards make up the collection, including both current stars and NBA legends. The cards are divided into three sets of five, and if you collect a full set, you'll earn a unique reward. Obtaining the first five cards will net you a Galaxy Opal card.

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